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What in the Heck is Mesquite?

During the two day Mesquite Weekend in beautiful Golden Valley, Arizona we’ll be celebrating all things Mesquite but … what IS Mesquite? Mesquite is a type of native tree that grows all over the Sonoran desert. Here in Arizona, there are three kinds of native Mesquite: Screwbean, Honey, and Velvet.

You may have heard of Mesquite wood for grilling and not realized that the tree could be used in so many ways. The wood can be used to build things. The pods can be eaten raw or ground into flour to bake pancakes, muffins, cakes, or anything else you can use flour for. Flour from the mesquite pods is low on the glycemic index so foods made with it are sweet but can be eaten by diabetics. The flowers have been used to make teas that treat tummy aches. Overall, the Mesquite tree is an amazing resource. Come out to Mesquite Weekend Saturday, March 25th and Sunday, March 26th to learn more.

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